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All orders are subject to these terms & conditions:

1. 25% deposit required on orders above 100.00

2. Full payment required on orders below 100.00

3. 25% cancellation charge.

4. Sizes & Colours are the responsibility of the customer.

5. Returned goods to the supplier due to customer error will incur a 25% handling charge plus carriage.

6. Customised clothing cannot be exchanged (except where proven faulty).

7. Goods cannot be exchanged after 7 days (except were proven faulty).

8. Goods not collected within 14 days will be sold and deposits lost.

9. Discounts only apply on orders collected within 7 days of completion (except where already paid).

10. Additions to an already processed order will be treated as a new order.

11. Exact reproduction of print artwork cannot be guaranteed.

12. Correct garment washing and drying is the responsibility of the customer.

13. Delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.

14. Payment methods - Cash, Credit Card (up to 100) or club cheque (made payable to Jus Cos Sports).

15. Returned cheque's will incur a 5% handling charge and no other cheque's will be accepted by that club or person.

16.. A 5.00 surcharge will be applied on printing if  less than three garments.

17. All products carry a 12 month fair wear & tear guarantee, except valve damage and punctures to footballs.

18. Carriage charges may  apply  to some orders.

19. All prices include VAT where applicable.